The interventions are part of a broader efficiency improvement panorama in which Greenvest works together with the public administration in a 15-year public-private partnership project. The project is aimed at upgrading the public heritage by upgrading the efficiency of public lighting systems and landscaping the sports areas in the municipality of Valentano.

The efficiency works consist of upgrading the electrical switchboards and replacing the lighting points throughout the municipality, achieving energy and cost savings and bringing the system into line with current regulations while increasing public safety.

With the replacement of 1,817 lighting points, we achieved an annual reduction in energy and maintenance costs of 64%, saving 230,000 KWh annually and avoiding the emission of 68 tonnes of CO2.

In addition, Greenvest has been involved in the redevelopment of the sports field areas, with the redevelopment of the football pitch and the construction of a pressostatic structure to cover the tennis courts.