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    The resource will be placed within the technical office and involved in the design of installations
    lighting engineering systems in the field of both public administration and civil installations.
    Specifically, he/she will be in charge of:
    * Analysing and managing a lighting engineering project;
    * collaborating with the various subjects involved in the project;
    * participating operationally in the design, defining the sizing specifications of the
    internal and external luminaires in compliance with regulatory standards and calculating the savings
    achievable savings;
    * making contact with and managing the main suppliers of components and equipment;
    * drawing up technical reports and lighting engineering verifications for all design levels;
    * verifying the completeness and adequacy of the designs produced before delivery.

    The resources will be dedicated not only to design, but also to assisting in the construction site phases of the works, for which important relational and organisational skills are also required.
    and organisational skills are also required.

    The candidate must have knowledge of the main IT tools (Autocad, Office) and of software dedicated to lighting design, e.g. Dialux.
    Flexibility, autonomy, problem solving, aptitude for team work, and willingness to undertake short assignments within Italy complete the profile.

    Knowledge of the English language is appreciated.

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