The Energy Efficiency Division is dedicated to reducing energy consumption through advanced technologies and personalized strategies. We collaborate with public and private entities to implement solutions that improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Greenvest pursues the goal of improving the energy efficiency of all buildings over time, covering energy needs also with the production of energy from renewable sources, which is achieved through photovoltaic and wind power plants.

The advantage is that the customer has a single interface, with Greenvest being able to follow all stages, from the feasibility study to the business plan to the implementation and installation of the plant components, and finally its operation and maintenance.

The following activities are included in the turnkey service we offer:

Preliminary and executive design
Component supply
Plant installation
Grid connection and testing
Incentive tariff request
After-sales service


When building a photovoltaic system, Greenvest offers a range of solutions to suit any context. The main types are:

  • GROUND INSTALLATIONS. These are photovoltaic modules on ballasted structures anchored to the ground, with high peak powers.
  • ROOFTOP INSTALLATIONS. These are roof-mounted photovoltaic modules with ballasted structures or on pitched roofs, with low peak powers.
  • PLATFORM ROOFS. These are photovoltaic modules on support structures generally anchored in car parking areas, with varying peak powers.

For Greenvest, photovoltaics is a key market, which is why we are present throughout the planning and construction process with the highest level of expertise.


We design and build wind power plants and, depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, either the turnkey system, or the energy produced, is sold to traders in the industry.

As with photovoltaic systems, we are also present throughout the planning and construction of wind power plants with the highest level of expertise.