Energy efficiency works, structural consolidation and removal of architectural barriers at the Don Bosco Apartment Building, located in Rome, Viale dei Salesiani 8, consisting of 319 residential and commercial units and 109 appurtenant units:


Common parts of the building

High-performance thermal insulation system (low thickness) for thermal insulation of the building envelope (elevations, solar slabs and porch soffits)

Replacement of old oil-fired apartment building heating plants (winter air-conditioning system) with high-efficiency condensing generators

Architectural barrier reduction works by adapting lift systems and installing stair lifts

Installation of a photovoltaic system of approximately 20 kW with associated storage system to power the apartment building utilities (staircase and courtyard lighting, lifts, heating plants)

Punctual structural consolidation works on beams, pillars and curtain walls in relation to the elevations and basement rooms.


Private Parties

Replacement of old window frames and entrance doors in apartments

Replacement or new installation of sun screens (awnings, sunshades)