Greenvest researches and develops water-saving solutions. Three different application fields are covered: plant terminals (taps and flush cisterns), innovative cultivation systems (hydroponics and aquaponics) and work on the national water network.

Greenvest is taking up the great challenge against drought with the ongoing climate change. It has become essential to implement management systems for all systems and technologies serving a building, residential or commercial, to achieve efficiency in water use.

Greenvest is committed to research aimed at developing and marketing specific products, e.g. taps and drainage systems, capable of leaving the same level of comfort to those who use them but with a clear reduction in water consumption through flow reduction systems and the monitoring of water systems.

In industrial buildings, our research focuses instead on solutions to intervene in the recovery of water that enters the production cycle, which could be recycled avoiding dispersion and a deterioration in quality.

For the agrifood sector, we are testing sustainable systems on smart agricultural soils, which ensure the correct use of water, ensuring less dispersion, where the plant only receives the amount of water it needs and at the right time.

This is done using sensors placed in the soil, next to a particular plant, which tell the connected controller when to switch on the irrigation system based on the amount of moisture in the soil.

Greenvest’s activities in this sector also extend to hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouses, which involve the use of tanks without dispersion, with considerable savings in water and the soil itself.