In its planning for renewable energy production, Greenvest has commissioned its first wind power plant in the last few months.

The construction site is located in the municipality of Ordona (FG) in the “Coppa Bianca” locality about 3 km from the urban centre.

The work was completed in six months, from the start of construction to the connection of the turbine in August 2022 and then the start of operation.

The turbine has a rated power of 500 kW, a hub height of 46 metres and a blade diameter of 44 metres, with a total height of 68 metres above ground level.

The construction of the plant took place in two different phases. The first concerned the authorisation requirements to set up the turbine, with the associated connection works. The second phase is the construction site to build the structure. In detail, this second phase involved the construction of various structures, including a road for internal circulation; a yard for positioning the crane and the components that were subsequently assembled; a medium-voltage cable duct and the related works (cabins, switchboards, etc.) necessary for connection to the national grid for energy distribution.

Based on the wind conditions at the site, energy production is estimated at around 1000 mW/h.